WHEN: May 10th, 4-5:30 pm

WHEre: DEnver, grand junction, gunnison

Meet and talk to other Coloradans who are concerned about the direction of our state from 4:00-4:30 pm
Come early to sign the National Popular Vote Petition to push back on the end run around the U.S. Constitution & the Electoral College.

Make sure that Coloradans Votes Count for Colorado!

Denver: We will meet on the West Steps of the Capitol.

Concurrent “STAND FOR COLORADO” Rallies will occur in Grand Junction and Gunnison

Grand Junction: We will meet at the Old Court House (544 Road Avenue)

Gunnison: IOOF Park (Corner of Virginia and Main Street) 

Capitol Building

Mesa County Old Courthouse


Coming together to Stand for Colorado—Because We Care!

If you support Colorado’s Constitution, the U.S. Constitution and believe in freedom of thought, private property rights, parental choice, economic well-being, good jobs and smaller, less intrusive and oppressive government, then YOU STAND FOR COLORADO! Right before our eyes, state legislators who DO NOT STAND FOR COLORADO are creating and passing laws that are in violation of all these very important things, and more! They are passing legislation, rules and regulations that:
  • Make it more difficult and more expensive for everyday Coloradans to live in our state.
  • Promote radical agendas that will turn us into a welfare state.
  • Will cause companies to leave which will place a financial burden on all of us
We all know that there’s no such thing as a free lunch! Someone has to pay and it will be all of us! Government does not create one job or generate one red cent!


Hardworking, everyday, folks seldom “do” rallies. Let’s SEND A MESSAGE to the out of control politicians, bureaucrats and governor, that we are WATCHING, we CARE and we are CONCERNED about our state. Politicians, bureaucrats and the governor will be meeting over this summer and fall to double down on the bad stuff that was passed this last legislative session.

These are the bills all of us should worry about:

Read the bill by clicking its title.

Read the bill by clicking its title:

Read the bill by clicking its title

Read the bills by clicking their titles

  • HB19-1257: Unconstitutional end run around TABOR, the Taxpayer’s Bill of
  • MB19-1258: Related to HB19-1257 above to spend money from the unconstitutional end run around TABOR.

Read the bills by clicking the titles

Click the title to read the bill

Click the title to read the bill

Click the title to read the bill

Click the title to read the bill

Click the titles to read the bills

Click the titles to read the bills

  • HB19-1313: Blank Check for XCEL to prematurely close clean burning coal energy plants and charge ratepayers for the cost
  • HB 19-1261: Forced reduction of quality of life and economic well-being of everyday, hardworking Coloradans
  • HB19-1314: Forced job reduction of employees in the clean coal industry
  • SB19-078: Government and big business control of the internet
  • SB19-002: Continued control of the student loan program by government
  • HB19-1260: Forced implementation of New Green Deal building codes
  • HB19-1274: Power to move county land use planning from elected officials to unelected bureaucrats


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