Keep Going and Never, Ever Give Up

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Complete Colorado's Joshua Sharf joins Kim to discuss the preferential treatment Colorado Democrat politicians show to the Outdoor Industry Association and fellow KLZ host Angie Austin joins Kim for a conversation about Angie's life, her path to success, and the importance of never, ever giving up.

Colorado Democrat politicians and the preferential treatment shown the Outdoor Industry Association

Complete Colorado’s Joshua Sharf joins Kim to discuss his latest article, Dem Friendly Outdoor Retailers Cancel Subsidized Trade Show, Governor Polis Yawns. The Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) was incentivized with $1.7 million of Colorado taxpayer money to move their three annual trade shows from Salt Lake City to Denver. But this year the OIA decided to only hold two trade shows instead of three. Sharf and Kim discuss the lenient treatment the OIA has been given by Governor Polis and others. Read the entire article here:

Angie Austin and the importance of overcoming obstacles

Angie Austin is an overcomer She is also a fellow KLZ 560 talk show host. Behind this beautiful lady is the story of a woman overcoming a childhood of challenges.Today Angie will share her story of hard work and perseverance. Working seven days a week to put herself through college, doing jobs such as cleaning the morgue, Angie graduated with honors. She moved to Los Angeles to build a successful television news career. Now, Angie is a mother and host of two hit radio shows. Don’t miss Angie’s inspiring story!

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