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On The Radar: Closing Guantanamo Bay


Latest update. See the ABC piece "Deciding the Future of Guantanamo and Its Prisoners" with yours truly, the Americhicks. Click here to watch.


You might remember that President Obama campaigned on closing Guantanamo Bay. One of the first executive orders issue by President Obama was intended to do just that. Seven years into his Presidency, with Gitmo still open and operating, Obama is making his final push to close the Gitmo detention facility before his term in office is over.


Currently, the plan is to close Guantanamo Bay and transfer the remaining "worst of the worst" enemy combatants to prisons here in the United States. One of the prisons slated to house the former Gitmo detainees is the Federal Supermax Prison down in Florence, Colorado.


In October of 2015, we hosted a get together with over 100 concerned citizens from across Fremont County. Our goal was to find out what the citizens of Fremont County, Colorado had to say about the President's plan.



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This story is moving and changing quickly. Below, you can find some of the most recent news articles and other pertinent information regarding President Obama's



A letter from one of our Listeners


As a former high school teacher and current community college instructor, I am terrified at the prospect that prisoners of war are going to be housed in my home community. Our civilian federal prisons, while meant for the worst of the worst, are not meant or designed to house prisoners of war. Housing terrorists next door to schools, towns, parks, and day care centers, turns all of us into a target.


As a teacher, I do not have the training or experience to deal with an organized, terrorist attack on my students.  My community and my kids, my students, could be leveraged to make political points or to argue for the release said terrorists who would be literally next door.


I will not be able to defend my students.  I am truly sorry to the parents of the kids whom you trusted me to protect.  If the terrorists attack my class, and behead a student every thirty minutes until a terrorist detainee is released, I will be powerless to help.  Your children's safety is my top priority.  But we can never have the resources, training, or ability to protect our schools from this kind of barbaric attack.


The president is only pursuing this misguided policy to pay lip service to an ill-advised, political campaign promise.  I hope he has the courage to show true leadership, reflecting a personal transformation on the issue to realize the war needs to be kept away from American communities.




A teacher,


Gregory Carlson M. Ed.

Former Gitmo Captive on Saudi Payroll Arrested in French ISIS Cell


JudicialWatch.org blog post can be found here.


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